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Ron Jones 

Mel helped Ron start his career in transportation more than 40 years ago. He serves BTS as Vice-President and General Manager. Ron's industry experience includes extensive sales and operational management within the full-service truck leasing and rental industry as well as dedicated contract carriage. Being committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and products, he welcomes the opportunity to find the best transportation solutions for their operations


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Mel Battle 

Mels experience includes representing Hertz, Ryder, Butler Manufacturing and Penske. He has served as a manufacturer's representative at J&L Tank, Heil and Tremcar. Mel founded Bulk Transportation Services, Inc. in 1992. Based upon his wide range of expertise and reputation for providing customers with the highest quality equipment, both new and used, he is often referred to as an "icon of transportation". After 50 years of industry excellence Mel has retired and is enjoying fly fishing and retirement. Well wishes to my boss, business partner, mentor and friend.


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